Store made of user contributed products

I would like to build a store like etsy but in a different subject where users can upload their product details and give a price too.

My problem is in commerce by default you have to create a product and a display node separately. This is good if admin creates the products, but would be confusing if users wanted to create products. Is there a way to somehow create the product and the display node at once? Or what's a good way to approach this issue?

Thank you!

Posted: Feb 21, 2013


Joel Wallis Jucá on February 22, 2013

You can simplify the workflow by enabling the user to create only the product and get the product display programmatically. I've posted a snippet here in the discussion board some time ago, and it's also in my Gist (gist.github.com/joelwallis).

If you have two or more product variations the workflow should be over the product display creation.

You should know that DC today is focused in one to many model, where an administrator create products to sell to many people. In order to create many resellers you'll need to write code to present user only data, like selling reports, user's products, access controls, dashboards, etc. While it's not so site builder friendly, it's quite easy to build these features with Drupal Commerce API and Drupal API.

iraszl on February 22, 2013

Do you think e-commerce or ubercart is a better solution for my problem at this time? Or is it wrong to ask such a question on this site? :)