Allowing users to add products

Hi. I'm attempting (as many seem to be) to set up a marketplace. I've created a role "Seller" and given them permissions to Create Product Products but can't find a way to do this logged in as a user with this role. I'm also using organic groups, and can assign the user to a group and allow it to add a product display but can't figure out how to add products. Ideally there would be a single product type with the following fields which the user would have a single form to fill out in order to add a product, such as:
-Product title
-Number of item in stock (so that they don't oversell the product)

I'm not too worried about them being able to have different sizes or colors etc in the same display, they'd just create a separate product for "blue shirt" or "red shirt" or "large red shirt" or "medium blue shirt" etc, so as not to have to have the user create new product types, as i think this would be easier on my end!
So if anyone has any suggestions as to do any of that that would be great, but a simple answer to how I can allow them to add products in the first place would get me moving as I feel I've kind of hit a road block here! Thanks!

Posted: Sep 28, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on September 28, 2011

There are permissions like "Create Product products" and "Edit own Product products" and such in admin/people/permissions.

Does this answer your question?

You can also make a new products view *outside* the administration area (admin) so they don't have to have admin privs. Clone the products view (or the one from [Commerce VBO Views](http://drupal.org/project/commerce_vbo_views) and set it up at /marketplace/products or something like that.

phillbd on September 28, 2011

I had already given the user a role with permissions to "Create Product Products" and "Edit own Product products" etc but, when I log in as a user with these permissions, there is no where for me to actually Create any products. I've seen others ask this same question in other forums and no one seems to have an answer. Has anyone been able to make this work? Giving a role permissions to create and edit their own products but not view or edit anyone elses?

I took your suggestion of cloning the products view, but it just says "no products have been created" when I access that page (although i have created products and have created new ones since then), and still there is no place for the seller to Add a product or anything like that.

phillbd on September 28, 2011

Ok got this working a little closer to what I need.

I created a new menu called "Seller Menu." Added a link for "Add Product" with path "admin/commerce/products/add/product" then added the "Seller Menu" block to the header.
Users can now add products.

stugacz on November 2, 2012

When this step is employed the user/seller has access to products created by other users. It is a permissions issue which in turns becomes a security issue. How does one permit an authenticated user (seller) to "add a product" and create a "product display" without being able to access the products of others? I realize I am giving the user/seller too much permission, but I do not know how to place limits on the user and still get this to work.The answer may be a simple one, however, I am new at this

Guille-P on February 19, 2013

I have the same problem than you. I was reading that you create a menu called "Seller Menu." Added a link for "Add Product" with path "admin/commerce/products/add/product" then added the "Seller Menu" block to the header. maybe you have a video or do you can explain how do it? thanks you