How to increase price with a percentage when paid through Paypal?

Paypal's 3% fee is quite a lot. We would like to add 3% on top of the price when people decide to use Paypal. It can probably be done with Rules, but how exactly? (Links are very welcome of course.)

Posted: Aug 2, 2012


guaka on August 2, 2012

So I read up a bit and Paypal doesn't allow this surcharge. But they cannot not allow adding a "handling fee", so we might be doing this. (And there's no handling fee if someone comes to the store and picks up the products themselves.)

joshmiller Josh Miller on February 28, 2013

Listen folks, this is probably not the greatest idea to pass on "business fees" directly. Perhaps you build it in to your prices and offer a discount if they use "pay by check" or something.

Discounting options: http://www.drupalcommerce.org/extensions/module/discount

The other way is to create a tax, say 3%? The trick would be getting the users to select a payment, catch that they picked a "more expensive" payment option and ask them to verify the change in price before continuing.