Pricing Rules with Multiple-Product Quantity Condition

I'm trying to create flexible mix-and-match pricing rules/discounts based on the combined quantity of a subset of products in the cart. Some discounts will be on a group of specific products, some on all products of a certain type, and some on products of multiple types.

For example, if a customer is ordering products in a defined group (a specific calendar and/or specific datebook; any button and/or any sticker) with a combined quantity of 5-10 in any mixture/configuration, all products in the group get discounted by $2.

Posted: Oct 18, 2012

Call External XML For Pricing


Sorry if this sounds 'noob'. PHP, JS experience: high. Drupal experience: medium. But Drupal Commerce experience: low. (I've worked with other Drupal shopping carts, though.)

I've been asked to help the admin (who set up the store but has limited PHP/js experience.) with one very specific task so I apologise up front if this is an RTFM question.

Posted: Sep 24, 2012
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