Prevent adding product to cart based on date comparison

I'm building a conference web site and as part of the site, we offer various paid courses that are happening simultaneously and I don't want the user to be able to add an event (product) to their cart if they already have added a product to the cart that's occurring at the same time. I've created a start date field for which to compare this information but problem is I'm not sure of the best way to build this functionality. I'd like to disable the add to cart button using the Calculate Sell Price event.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Posted: Oct 31, 2014

Un-publish a Product Variation When Stock Reaches 0 Using "Rules"

Hey Everyone, thanks for looking at this post. I've been struggling for days to find the right combination of Event's, Conditions, and Actions, to un-publish a product variation when the variation's stock value reaches 0.

For instance, if I have a t shirt style that comes in Small, Medium, and Large, and the Small's sell out. I would like to create a Rule that un-publishes just that Small t shirt of that style. The other's should remain for sale.

Posted: Jun 11, 2014

Disabled rule disappears

I'm trying to trace down a rules warning that keeps appearing on checkout and I disabled the rule "reaction rule Reset the cart order status on product add or remove." and the rule disappears from the active/inactive rules page. I'm glad the switch showed up in the recent log messages or I'd be totally in the dark. Anyone seen this happen and how to get the rule back? If this helps:

Posted: Oct 29, 2013

Free shipping on Specific items


We need some assistance in setting up a rule that removes specialty marked items, set as free shipping from a product option, from the calculation of the shipping cost.

We are using the commerce ups module to calculate our shipping rates.

I've tried to setup rules based on the attribute value, but so far no luck.

Any help is much appreciated.


Posted: Jul 19, 2013

Kickstart example payment missing action

I don't know if this is a serious error, but I get this one on /admin/commerce/config/payment-methods using Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.7:

Kickstart example payment
Machine name: commerce_payment_commerce_kickstart_payment, Weight: 0
Error: Unknown action commerce_payment_enable_commerce_kickstart_payment.
Not available on the checkout form
Not available on the order payment terminal

Any ideas what to do, if anything?

Posted: May 21, 2013

Flat Shipping Per Product

I've been looking at this for a couple of hours, have come across a lot of similar topics, but nothing specifically matching, and that leaves me stuck on one point. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. There's the base flat shipping price, and then each product has a "flat shipping" field where I can enter an additional shipping price for that item. I can't just roll shipping prices into product prices because local pickup is configured using the free shipping service and has to remain available.

Posted: May 1, 2013

Enable/Disable payments methods programatically

In my e-commerce I offer some coupons (via percentage/fixed amount coupons) that sometimes has 100% of the order total discount (resulting in a order with total = 0).

In this cases, i need to disable the default payment (paypal) and to enable another _special_ payment (that has to be disabled for normal orders).

We have the rule action "Enable payment method", but we dont have "Disable payment method", so I suppose I should keep all payment method disabled and enable them via a rule/action trigger.

Am I correct?

Posted: Oct 29, 2012


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