Un-publish a Product Variation When Stock Reaches 0 Using "Rules"

Hey Everyone, thanks for looking at this post. I've been struggling for days to find the right combination of Event's, Conditions, and Actions, to un-publish a product variation when the variation's stock value reaches 0.

For instance, if I have a t shirt style that comes in Small, Medium, and Large, and the Small's sell out. I would like to create a Rule that un-publishes just that Small t shirt of that style. The other's should remain for sale.

Posted: Jun 11, 2014

Product variations all have same title?

I'm using Kickstart 2 and have created some variation types. I've added a product with four different variations. When I create each new variation under the variation's 'Variation title' it says 'Will be auto-generated when the form is saved.'

Then when I go to the product display, under the variations drop down all of the variations have the same name, see the screenshot below:


Posted: Nov 29, 2013

product variations sizes images :(

Hi all,

I have a bunch of products like so :

T-shirt ALPHA
----- : T-shirt ALPHA color RED in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt ALPHA color BLUE in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt ALPHA color GREEN in Small / Medium / Large

T-shirt BETA
----- : T-shirt BETA color RED in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt BETA color BLUE in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt BETA color GREEN in Small / Medium / Large

I am uploading my products with feeds, and I am actually uploading images for EVERY sizes

Posted: Nov 17, 2013

Is there a solution to a huge amount of product variations?

As the title says. I am building an online store for a new small business that I have started with a friend. We are selling clothing where the customer can customise the product to their liking. They are able to pick the main and secondary colour for every product as well as uploading artwork to be included.

The problem is that there are 18 available colours for the primary and secondary sections of the clothes. Which means there are 324 variations for each product and that's before you include sizes.

Posted: Aug 12, 2013

Product variations causing bug with multiple instances of same product display node on a page

Hello everyone.

I'm having a bit of a strange (or maybe not so strange when I think about it) issue with product variations on pages where the same Product Display node is being rendered more than once.

Per the documentation I have created a Product Display node type that uses the Product Reference field type to link the node to the DC products. I also use a boolean field to mark certain Product Display nodes as "featured".

Posted: Jul 10, 2013

Conditional Product Variations

Is there any easy way of creating "child" product variations apart from creating multiple products?


Is what I am looking at doing -- There are 3 tshirts, 2 types, and different sizes based on the type chosen.

Ideally I'd love to be able to create only 3 products instead of 6.


Posted: Apr 23, 2013

Change the way product categories are being displayed?


I have a question about products being displayed via category items.
For example I have a category "Brands" with items like "Nike", "Adidas", ...
Another category is "Type" with items like "T-Shirts", "Shoes", ...

They are being displayed like this www.mydomain.com/brands/nike and www.mydomain.com/type/shoes

Posted: Mar 2, 2013

Variations of variations

I am trying to figure out how to configure my products under Kickstart.

I have a computer product, with a unique SKU. This product is used for various computer brands, so I don't need the SKU as a variation field, i.e., the unique product is available for various Dell computers, various HP computers, etc.

Can I/should I make a variation of a variation? So,

PRODUCT -> VARIATION WITH SKU -> HP model A variation, model B, etc.

Posted: Feb 11, 2013

Apply discount to a specific product

I´m working with commerce kickstart 2, and I have a question about discounts.
When I create a new discount offer from Store settings > Promotions > Discounts, this discount is applied to all products in the store. I can´t find a field where I can appli this discount for a specific product.
For example, for a product black shoes, make a discount of 10% off, if a create a 10% discount ¿How could I assign this discount only for this product?

Thanks for help!

Posted: Jan 14, 2013

Product Variations

I am getting really confused. I have looked through the documentation and to add a new variation click on the 'variation type' link under the Products menu. On my install there is no such link. The only link I have is 'Categories' and 'Product Types' under product settings.
I have 2 separate installs. One with the test products and one without. Neither install has this link. The site with test products has different variations so I know it works.

I am using this version of Commerce. 7.x-1.3+40-dev

How do I add a variation to a product?

Posted: Dec 16, 2012


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