Discount in commerce webform


I am using commerce webform to create an event ticket. There is a question in the webform asking whether the participant has already attended the previous event? IF he selects YES, will ask for his attendee number and should provide 10% discount of the price. Tried to create rule but struck about how to implement with webforms. Please advise.


Posted: Nov 20, 2014

Apply discount to a specific product

I´m working with commerce kickstart 2, and I have a question about discounts.
When I create a new discount offer from Store settings > Promotions > Discounts, this discount is applied to all products in the store. I can´t find a field where I can appli this discount for a specific product.
For example, for a product black shoes, make a discount of 10% off, if a create a 10% discount ¿How could I assign this discount only for this product?

Thanks for help!

Posted: Jan 14, 2013

Discount on Amount in Cart does not work properly

I try to add simple discount: 7% if total sum is grater than $60
At admin/commerce/config/taxes/types i have new type: discount
At admin/commerce/config/taxes i created new tax rate Discount 7% (component)
In this component i created condition “Data comparsion” and seleced option “commerce-line-item:order:commerce-order-total:amount”
And lets test it: order for total sum $58.88: Looks ok, no discount.

Posted: Sep 12, 2012
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