Product variations all have same title?

I'm using Kickstart 2 and have created some variation types. I've added a product with four different variations. When I create each new variation under the variation's 'Variation title' it says 'Will be auto-generated when the form is saved.'

Then when I go to the product display, under the variations drop down all of the variations have the same name, see the screenshot below:


Posted: Nov 29, 2013


Jiggy Gaton on March 8, 2014

Don't understand this at all... the variation title should be editable with the variation, why not?

DNZ Andy @ BlueFusion on March 9, 2014

There are two main ways to solve this. If you are sure you want to edit that field then go to admin/structure/types , select 'Manage fields', un-check "Auto generate the product title" and save. That will give you an editable field.

However, if you have variations set up and are using the taxonomy then the auto-generated titles are hugely useful & a big time saver. You could consider setting up those taxonomy terms to use as options instead - then your variation titles will be auto-generated and could save you a lot of redundant typing :)

Carl Bowles on March 10, 2014

Thank you very much for your help! I solved this the first way you suggested by going to content types > manage fields > unchecking "auto generate the product title". I'm really greatful so thank you.

Jiggy Gaton on March 11, 2014

thx for the tip! while i was trying to figure this out I found another way. Create your addition products on the main product node (add new product). Then go to admin/commerce/products/variations and change the titles there, as you can see the variations by SKU value (which is unique).

Raj on May 16, 2014

In Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.14, the option to 'Auto generate the product title' can be found on the field 'Product variations' at the path: