Prevent adding product to cart based on date comparison

I'm building a conference web site and as part of the site, we offer various paid courses that are happening simultaneously and I don't want the user to be able to add an event (product) to their cart if they already have added a product to the cart that's occurring at the same time. I've created a start date field for which to compare this information but problem is I'm not sure of the best way to build this functionality. I'd like to disable the add to cart button using the Calculate Sell Price event.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Posted: Oct 31, 2014

How make a checkout page for Reservation/Custumer Details for each Product?

I will make a Ticket purchase system. I need to make a extra Checkout page/pane for Custumer Details for each Ticket (Product). Like the picture. Any idea?

Checkout Form
1. Checkout
2. Review order
3. Ticket Custumer Details <----- Module/Extra Fields/Rule ????
4. Payment
5. Checkout complete

Posted: Jul 23, 2014

Adding product image field to view


I'm using Drupal 7.28 along with the Commerce 7.x-1.9 module

Basically the image and the description fields are both on the Product Type not the content type as each product has its own description and image.

In my view I now need to add the image field, but I can't add it, which I believe is because the field isn't in the content type.

When I add the 'Content: Referenced Products' relationship to the view, I am then able to add the image field to my view.

Posted: May 29, 2014

Commerce Australia Post

Can anyone please explain more about Commerce Australia Post? It is still confusing for me when setting a 'Default Maximum Package Size'. How will I set it up correctly? How does this 'Default Maximum Package Size' works? What if the product size exceeded to the default maximum size? I tried to calculate the item manually using their website (, the result of shipping fee from my website and the result from their website is different. I need help please....
Many thanks.......

Posted: Feb 6, 2014

Product variations all have same title?

I'm using Kickstart 2 and have created some variation types. I've added a product with four different variations. When I create each new variation under the variation's 'Variation title' it says 'Will be auto-generated when the form is saved.'

Then when I go to the product display, under the variations drop down all of the variations have the same name, see the screenshot below:


Posted: Nov 29, 2013

Donation and a Custom Price when Adding to Cart

I have watched rfay's screencast on creating a donation form with custom line items. I have actually created it on the current version of our site. It works wonderfully, however, in the new version of the site the form is a lot more advanced. Because of this I created a custom module to build the form (you can see it here:

My question: is it possible to get this custom form's "donation" field to play nice with the rule I've already set up from the screen cast?

Posted: Jun 15, 2013

i don't want to sell online i just want to put information about available products!


i seriously have no idea where to start :(

i would like to know which modules or themes should i add to Drupal

i don't want to sell online i just want to put information about available products in my shop

this is an example

Thank you in advance !

Posted: May 22, 2013

About Taxonomy and Drupal Commerce

Hello Drupal Commerce community.
I'm starting to build a new Drupal website, this time with Drupal Commerce.
I've made the structure for the products on a word document.The website will have a Superfish mega menu with the categories, but now I'm not sure what should I create first.
Should I first create taxonomy vocabulary, the products and then the mega menu with url taxonomy terms?
I will be really grateful if someone explain me the right order.

Posted: Feb 20, 2013

Drupal 7 commerce custom select

I'm deveping online shop for saling clothes on Drupal Commerce.

I create product type (admin/commerce/product/types) with field "Size" (size of clothig)- type "select (text)".

In node page it looks :

But i need 5 buttons like:

I was trying customise it using jQuery, but my solution does not work correctly:

Posted: Jan 9, 2013


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