i don't want to sell online i just want to put information about available products!


i seriously have no idea where to start :(

i would like to know which modules or themes should i add to Drupal

i don't want to sell online i just want to put information about available products in my shop

this is an example


Thank you in advance !

Posted: May 22, 2013

Shared Catalog, MultiShop

How tha handle this.
My client wants one shared catalog, and at least three different shops using parts of that shared catalog.

See it as one shop based on the shared catalog, and three brand specific shops, based on the " master" catalog.

My thoughts:

1) Using services. Enable the service on the master catalog, and providing updates to the brand catalogs.

2) Shared tables. All different installs, but sharing the catalog tables. The adjusting the views, or using domain-access for the brand catalogs

Posted: Apr 15, 2013

Categorizing products

I'm very much a beginner to Drupal, so I apologize ahead of time for sounding dumb. I certainly feel very dumb for not being able to figure this out. :(

On the "Add Product" page, I absolutely cannot figure out how to configure taxonomy terms to show up as dropdown menus at the bottom in the Product Catalog section. I've included a couple of images to demonstrate what I'm talking about.

The first one shows how it looks on a demo site. I'm trying to set mine up in a similar way.

The second one is what I currently have on my non-demo site.

Posted: Jan 15, 2013

Dealing with Very Large Product Catalog

If this is a redundant thread, please redirect and advise me. Simply, I built and ran a jewelry website back in the late '90's to mid 00's, and we had a very large catalog of items. To edit them I downloaded the .csv file, edited the products (add, delete, edit) in a spreadsheet, and simply uploaded the new sheet and the entire catalog, or category of products were updated. Note that I am fairly good with databases and SQL. The last year I have built a Drupal site using U-Cart and was/am amazed that this scenario has not been thought about.

Posted: Oct 2, 2012

View for product display content type with Has taxonomy term ID (with depth) does not show children term nodes

I've created view for displaying product display node type fields and put CONTEXTUAL FILTERS with
Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)
Content: Has taxonomy term ID depth modifier
but when navigating to parent term page nodes from child terms are not displayed it results only with blank page

Also the view does not show result for anonymous user but I resolve this by checking Disable SQL rewriting in Query options.

Posted: Jul 3, 2012
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