Commerce Australia Post

Can anyone please explain more about Commerce Australia Post? It is still confusing for me when setting a 'Default Maximum Package Size'. How will I set it up correctly? How does this 'Default Maximum Package Size' works? What if the product size exceeded to the default maximum size? I tried to calculate the item manually using their website (http://auspost.com.au/), the result of shipping fee from my website and the result from their website is different. I need help please....
Many thanks.......

Posted: Feb 6, 2014


DNZ Andy @ BlueFusion on February 10, 2014

Hi mck,

I converted the Aus Post module to NZ Post, so I guess I should be able to answer your question... ( perhaps ).
From memory, the maximum box size is the biggest box that your company will ship. eg, AusPost may accept a package 100cm x 50cm x 50cm, but the biggest box you use 25cm x 25cm x 25cm.

You will then incur the AusPost minimum handling fee ( or whatever it's really called ) several times if you ship goods that are 100cm x 50cm x 50cm as you will be shipping several packages instead on the one that you could be sending.
The very cheapest package I can send with NZPost is $7.07, but I can fit 3 of the same size item into one package for about $10. If I set the max package size too small then it could cost $21.21 instead as I'd be calculating the cost based on 3 packages.

Does that make sense? And does is answer your question?