Product variations causing bug with multiple instances of same product display node on a page

Hello everyone.

I'm having a bit of a strange (or maybe not so strange when I think about it) issue with product variations on pages where the same Product Display node is being rendered more than once.

Per the documentation I have created a Product Display node type that uses the Product Reference field type to link the node to the DC products. I also use a boolean field to mark certain Product Display nodes as "featured".

These featured product nodes are rendered in a View block placed in the sidebar on the same page as the single Product Display nodes. Here is an example I just set up: http://dev-dc-sandbox-1.gotpantheon.com/store/ski-cap

In that example, if you change the Color variation from Black to Red both the image and the price disappear from the node display and from the item in the Featured Products block in the sidebar.

In this example: http://dev-dc-sandbox-1.gotpantheon.com/store/womens-t-shirt there is no second display of the node in the sidebar and the product variations work without any issue.

So it seems there is an issue with the product variations when multiple instances of the same node/field content are displayed on the same page. In theory this makes sense because how can the product variation differentiate between each instance. My question to you though is A: has anyone else had this issue/used DC in this way? And B: is there anything I can do to make this work properly?

Thank you for your time.

Posted: Jul 10, 2013


TaraRowell on June 2, 2014

HI! Did you ever find a solution to this problem?
I am having a similar issue when my products are aggregated on a page with Views. Each variation is coming up even though I only have 1 product display node for the item.