product variations sizes images :(

Hi all,

I have a bunch of products like so :

T-shirt ALPHA
----- : T-shirt ALPHA color RED in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt ALPHA color BLUE in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt ALPHA color GREEN in Small / Medium / Large

T-shirt BETA
----- : T-shirt BETA color RED in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt BETA color BLUE in Small / Medium / Large
----- : T-shirt BETA color GREEN in Small / Medium / Large

I am uploading my products with feeds, and I am actually uploading images for EVERY sizes

Posted: Nov 17, 2013

[SOLVED] Programagical types and products.

Hi guys,

I origonally posted up in the drupal module forums, but it was suggested i posted here so, following on from the origonal question found here:

Im getting -

FieldException: Attempt to create an instance of field commerce_price without a bundle. in field_create_instance() (line 481 of /home/signdes/public_html/modules/field/
The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

When installing with this in the install hook:

Posted: Aug 15, 2013

List of products bought by the user


I am new with Drupal Commerce, but not with Drupal. I set up a small webshop selling e-learning courses.
I use commerce-7.x-1.7.
I would like to make a page where an authenticated user can see a list of products (courses) bought earlier. (So not the admin, but the user himself.)
It should be something like the 'User order' view, but listing all the products already purchased (by multiple orders).
Is there a way for that?


Posted: Jun 27, 2013

Product displays required to display a single product?

I am setting up a site for a jewelry store where each product is arguably unique (in other words, no attributes like color, size, as there are for T-shirts).

Do I understand correctly that in order to create a page display for a single product, I need to pull it into a product display node with the product reference field? Or is there a way to create a single product display using the product entity alone?

Posted: May 22, 2013

Role dependent product variations

I have products with multiple variations referenced by taxonomy terms. I want users to see the variations based on their role when they view a product display.

I’ve tried Content Access and Taxonomy Access Control modules with no luck. Content Access only works with nodes (Product Displays) and Taxonomy Access Control doesn’t work on taxonomy referenced attributes.

Posted: May 16, 2013

Product Importer taxonomy reference field


I would like to import products into the Commerce. It works, but I cannot import multiple terms into the taxonomy reference field. The products have these fields:
ProductGroup (reference to taxonomy terms)

For example the CSV file is:

Posted: Mar 20, 2013

Complex Product Bundles

Trying to find a way of presenting a bundle product for a festival/event that has morning, afternoon, and all-day clinics over two days. The package includes:

- (choice of one Saturday morning clinic AND choice of one Saturday afternoon clinic) OR choice of one Saturday all-day clinic
- (choice of Sunday morning clinic AND choice of Sunday afternoon clinic) OR choice of Sunday all-day clinic

Posted: Mar 11, 2013

Trying to understand the structure of kickstart

I finaly downloaded the current version of kickstart 2.0.

I am trying to understand, how th structures work together.

1. to create a new product type with grouping in a new catalog section, you have to do a lot of thing.

- I created a new product_type
- I created a new entry on taxonomy "collection"
- I created a new entry on taxonomy "category"

Then I made the taxonomy menue to recreate from entries.

Then I created a new Product-Variation of the new type.

Posted: Dec 24, 2012

Show case

Hi all!

I am new to drupal commerce and quite happy with the functions!. Got struck with an issue. Created a view that lists the product image, product title, product price, add to cart.

Here in this case, when I tried to link the product image & product title to the respective node, I am not getting any options.. other than Link this title to the admin view.

Please advise.

Posted: Aug 10, 2012
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