Complex Product Bundles


I've been working with an event for the last few years that has some interesting needs in terms of product bundles. I wouldn't think they would be completely unique, but I've yet to find a solution that can handle this, and am wondering if anyone can see a way for Drupal Commerce to handle this.

The event is a weekend two day festival. On each day there are morning, afternoon, and all-day clinics that participants can sign up for. They can sign up for them individually, or as part of a package (at a discounted price). All clinics need to have inventory/stock management, and inventory is shared between people who buy the clinics individually and who buy them as part of a package.

The package is the hard one to set up, as participants have to be able to choose:
- (choice of one Saturday morning clinic AND choice of one Saturday afternoon clinic) OR choice of one Saturday all-day clinic
- (choice of Sunday morning clinic AND choice of Sunday afternoon clinic) OR choice of Sunday all-day clinic

The only way I've been able to do this with other software is to create four different packaged products:
1) Choice of Saturday all-day and choice of Sunday all-day
2) Choice of Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday all-day
3) Choice of Saturday all-day, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon
4) Choice of Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon

The biggest issue with this is we have to then educate the customers on what the different packages mean, and help them pick the right one.

I would think the ideal would be to have a configurable product, that presented the two-tiers of options in succession: first choosing whether they want 2 half-day clinics or one all day clinic, then choose which clinic options they want, and repeating the process for each day.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be great to have a more user-friendly process for participants/customers who are working their way through choosing permutations and building their packages.

Thanks in advanced for any help or ideas.


Posted: Mar 11, 2013


Halil Yaman on August 9, 2014

Using conditional fields on product display content type can help you perhaps. I would think of creating an option for 2 half days and 1 full day option and display the regarding products according to this choice of the user. I've noticd that it's been a while you've asked this but i hope it helps