Product displays required to display a single product?

I am setting up a site for a jewelry store where each product is arguably unique (in other words, no attributes like color, size, as there are for T-shirts).

Do I understand correctly that in order to create a page display for a single product, I need to pull it into a product display node with the product reference field? Or is there a way to create a single product display using the product entity alone?

It seems to me a bit redundant to have, say, 200 unique products, and then have to create 200 node product displays just so I can display the product and then apply taxonomy to create catalogs.

I just wish to be sure that I understand this correctly. Don't want to have to do more work than is necessary :-)!

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Posted: May 22, 2013


realskorpion on May 26, 2013

Maybe you can start here:

If I understand, you just need to create just one variation type and just one product display (the product display will be created automatically. When you create a new variation type there's a checkbox already checked to create the products display).

Then you can create all your products using the variation type that you created.
The variation type is like a product, something physical, it's what you want to sell
and the product display is like a container for that product, it's used to show the product and assign
"meta" info to your products like category, collection, gender, brand.

I hope this info can help you.