Confused about product variations

I've been trying for a week or so to get my head around product variations.

I'm trying to set up something like in the demo included with Kickstart, so that when I view a product display the different variations show as drop downs. Instead of shoe size I want the user to choose the size of their fruit and veg box.

Posted: Dec 8, 2012

Product variation (ajax) loose selection

I'm building a shop with multiple variations, for instance, I have 3 colors, 3 shapes and 3 sizes.
When I select color 2, and shape 3. everything is ok. Then I change the color again to color 1 and I loose the information about shape 1 I selected.

I saw the same "problem" in kickstart 2 in the Women's Tee page :
Change the color, then change the size. then change the color again. The size is lost...

Is there a solution for this problem ?

Thanks for answers

Posted: Nov 12, 2012

unique products with no variations never >1 - where to with fields ??

Hi Everyone !

Have built a couple of stores with ubercart + D6. Now building first store with D7 Commerce (Kickstart2) And adding fields. But never had a customer who needed variations ...

Have done quite a bit of research and always found:
- If field for all variations, then display node.
- If field for different variations, then product variation.

Posted: Nov 1, 2012

Multiple Product variation but using only 1 image.

Hi all,

How to accomplish multiple product variation but using the 1st product image as the product display image without repeat the upload image process?

For e.g:

I create product T-shirt, which has size of S, M, L, XL. So I have to create 4 product variation (using Commerce Kickstart). The usual way, we need to upload image for each product variation. But I only want to upload the image once, and use it for the rest of product variation. How is it possible?


Posted: Aug 11, 2012

How get product variations on Shopping Cart?

Ok I need some help I been trying to get this work. I like to have the my product variations (Size and Edition) show up on the following pages Shopping Cart, Checkout, and Review Order. I know they each have views so I should be able to change them. Also, I know it can be done for Commerce Kickstart 2.0 has variations on Shopping Cart view. From my research it looks like Entity Reference is what is being used to product a Formatter of Rendered Entity with view mode of 'Product in cart'. I can not get the Rendered Entity Formatter.

Posted: Jul 19, 2012


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