a separate basket for a different type of product

I want have two shopping carts in my site. One cart for products of type "A", second - for products of type "B"
I know it is possible by Commerce internal design.

for the first i created two modules (could be one, but that's not important right now).
first module adds custom Line Item Type into system - "photoprint"
second module adds custom Order Type - "photoprint"

But I have no good api skills and I have a few questions

Posted: Oct 3, 2013

How get product variations on Shopping Cart?

Ok I need some help I been trying to get this work. I like to have the my product variations (Size and Edition) show up on the following pages Shopping Cart, Checkout, and Review Order. I know they each have views so I should be able to change them. Also, I know it can be done for Commerce Kickstart 2.0 has variations on Shopping Cart view. From my research it looks like Entity Reference is what is being used to product a Formatter of Rendered Entity with view mode of 'Product in cart'. I can not get the Rendered Entity Formatter.

Posted: Jul 19, 2012
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