Handling Fee on checkout

Hi guys,

I'd like to ask how to add handling fee on each product during checkout.
I have tested this module but it only add handling fee to the amount of all products during checkout.

On the cart, it should display product price, handling fee and calculated price.


Thanks guys.

Posted: Sep 6, 2013


T.Mardi on September 11, 2013

Hi Mark, do you want to add the handling fee to individual products rather than all of the items in the cart?

If so, you could do this with Commerce Product Add-on. This module will let you create a new product, in your example this product will be called 'Handling fee'. You can set a price for this and this will be added to your products. You could make this a required field if needed, so buyers must select this.

Theres a screencast available for this module on this site where they used a product called 'Donation' to add a fee to the product being purchased.

It might help you out in achieving what you need.


mark.thehub on September 16, 2013

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your response. What I wanted is to automatically displayed the handling fee of a product on checkout.
For now we hard coded it. Will have some series of testing, but right now it works on our needs.

Best regards,