Shipping Cost calculation with graduation

Hey there,

I'm new to drupal commerce. But it's a great Tool to create a shop. I love drupal at all and it's great to have a shopping system module builds on it.

But currently I have a problem. I want to create a graduation of shipping costs. For example:

0 - 10kg: 10 EUR
11 - 20kg: 20 EUR
21 - 30kg: 30 EUR and so on.

Posted: Aug 29, 2013

Order Fulfillment module: Call for ideas

Based on Ryan Szrama's first comment on this issue:, Commerce Guys is (are?) punting on order fulfillment for now, because the big sites they work with all outsource it. Unfortunately, for smaller sites and non-profits, that's not really an affordable option. I'm considering creating a module to manage basic order fulfillment, but I could use all the input I could get.

Posted: Jul 30, 2013

No shipping rates found for your order.

I am using Fedex for my shipping. Everything was working fine for awhile. But after a move to another server shipping module stopped working, I dont think anything was upgraded or changed. I doubled checked to make sure the items I was testing had weight and dimensional fields. But every order gives this message for shipping.

Shipping service
No shipping rates found for your order. Please continue the checkout process.

Anyone have a clue what I can do to fix this? We were so close to going live.

Posted: Jul 23, 2013

Get shipment services object (flat rate) from order object

I have an order object with line items, shipping profiles and so on. I want to get current shipment service object (SSO) from my order object. I'm talking about flat rate price for order shipment.

I can get SSO from $order->commerce_line_items, but I have to run through all line items until I find SSO.

So, my question: what is the proper way for getting attached line_item shipment service?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: May 25, 2013

Flat Shipping Per Product

I've been looking at this for a couple of hours, have come across a lot of similar topics, but nothing specifically matching, and that leaves me stuck on one point. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. There's the base flat shipping price, and then each product has a "flat shipping" field where I can enter an additional shipping price for that item. I can't just roll shipping prices into product prices because local pickup is configured using the free shipping service and has to remain available.

Posted: May 1, 2013

Adding complexity to commerce coupon

I posted this under Q & A, and though I can edit the post, I can't delete it from there. I just think it's probably a better question for the community because I assume these scenarios have come up for others.

My client is a book publisher/online book retailer. I need to extend the commerce coupon functionality by adding two additional fields to the percentage discount coupon. Besides the percentage off field, I need to be able to offer free shipping with a coupon. I also need to be able to limit the discount to specific items.


Posted: Jul 24, 2012

Exclude country from shipping

I've watched the video 'Introduction to Commerce Shipping (Screencast)' from Ryan and it does what it has to do, but I still struggle with the final details.

It's certain my potential buyers will be from inside an area of 100 miles. That means I'd like to filter out just a few country's for shipping and create a message for country's that are outside my shipping zone. At the moment it's a blank line.

Posted: Jul 23, 2012

Disabling a checkout page

There is no "enabled" property for hook_commerce_checkout_page_info(). This property is available in hook_commerce_checkout_pane_info() but not page.

I'm trying to work on my first module for Commerce (actually, my first module period) which will require commerce_shipping. I intend it to be a simple Pickup or Delivery radio button pane on the checkout page that when enabled will default to Pickup. I want it to disable the shipping address pane and the shipping page.

Does this need to be entered as a feature request?


Posted: Jun 3, 2012
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