Shipping Cost calculation with graduation

Hey there,

I'm new to drupal commerce. But it's a great Tool to create a shop. I love drupal at all and it's great to have a shopping system module builds on it.

But currently I have a problem. I want to create a graduation of shipping costs. For example:

0 - 10kg: 10 EUR
11 - 20kg: 20 EUR
21 - 30kg: 30 EUR and so on.

So I createed a taxonomy with that graduation to have a centered price management for shipping costs. Then I added a weight field to the product variations to define the weights of the products.
In the checkout the shipping costs according to the taxonomy and according to the associated weights of the products have now to be calculated. How can I do that?
I think with rules, but I don't know how :-/ Any Tipps?

Thanks a lot and greets from germany,

Posted: Aug 29, 2013