Item images and links in database

I am student using drupal commerce as a part of my thesis.

As an exercise in PHP I am attempting to display certain items on a page that fall into specific criteria. I know this is possible through Views and Taxonomy, but again this is to show/illustrate an understanding of PHP.

While reading through some related posts, a contributor had said that the specific product-page urls, as well as the image urls, are stored within the database. However, I have been unable to find them.

Posted: Mar 25, 2014

Call External XML For Pricing


Sorry if this sounds 'noob'. PHP, JS experience: high. Drupal experience: medium. But Drupal Commerce experience: low. (I've worked with other Drupal shopping carts, though.)

I've been asked to help the admin (who set up the store but has limited PHP/js experience.) with one very specific task so I apologise up front if this is an RTFM question.

Posted: Sep 24, 2012
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