Help a newbie

I dont know much about drupal commerce
My pm has given me some r&d on this task:
Products can have multiple attributes (ex color, size), and each attribute can have multiple options (ex red, medium)

Acceptance criteria:
1. BU should be able to create an attribute for each product
2. BU should be able to create multiple attributes for one product
3. BU should be able to create multiple options for each attribute
4. Each option should have an Option Name and SKU field
5. BU should be able to rearrange the order each option is displayed in the frontend
6. each attribute will be unique for product.

I know that attributes can be term and option can be subterms. I need your suggestion on following task. Thanks

Posted: Feb 11, 2013


Sem on February 18, 2013

It is better to find out what the BU wants to accomplish in stead of asking closed questions.

the beauty of Drupal is that you can deliver almost anything you want to accomplish. It is however in some cases not able to deliver what you ask.

For example, why should every option have an option name and SKU? What is the BU trying to accomplish? As for SKU, as far as I know, only products have SKU's which is logical. So uploading attributes as products will give you the option to provide an option name for each attribute and SKU.