Text format option hidden

I'm sure this must be something obvious, but for some reason I cannot see my "Text format" option under text entry fields when I edit content for the Basic Page type that comes with Commerce Kickstart. I see the option for Blog content and even Products. Is this by design or is there some config that I missed. The Basic Page content probably needs the ability to use at least Filtered HTML more than any other page and I figure this out.

I'm including a screenshot of my Basic Page editing of a file

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Posted: Jan 17, 2013


meltingsand on January 17, 2013

I finally found the solution. What a stupid default for the primary content type. I had to go to the Basic Page content type and edit the fields, and edit the Body field and change the radio button from Plain Text to Filtered Content. After that my dropdown selection showed up no problem

OneWeb on February 16, 2013

I spent more than two hours looking for this link, call me semantically challenged …


Drupal / Drupal Commerce sometimes does stretch my semantic convictions …

  • basic types and user defined types being mixed within the same list / view
  • “Basic page” being listed in between Bags & Cases and … Drinks
  • “blog post” being a basic type
    • but “blog” view may contain a blog post or a page
  • variation types containing categories
    • although within English language a category is clearly a senior term to variation

Looking forward

  • each node may provide administrative role
    • a tab allowing editing related view, content type
  • would it make sense to list on a single page
    • all settings affecting a node
    • at least all related URL

I wished new users would be given an opportunity to contribute building a newcomer level interface

  • one only people with a fresh mind / outlook can help design
  • my greatest time expenditure with Drupal is locating stuff I know exists some place
  • a recently used links list would make wonders
  • a change log …