Collection products (Product display) Text Color


I am playing around with a new install of Kickstart Commerce 2.

How do I change the default text color (the white text that appears over the "collection-banner-to_carry.jpg" image) of the "Collection products (Product display)" to something else, like black?

Thank you!


Posted: May 29, 2013

Text format option hidden

I'm sure this must be something obvious, but for some reason I cannot see my "Text format" option under text entry fields when I edit content for the Basic Page type that comes with Commerce Kickstart. I see the option for Blog content and even Products. Is this by design or is there some config that I missed. The Basic Page content probably needs the ability to use at least Filtered HTML more than any other page and I figure this out.

I'm including a screenshot of my Basic Page editing of a file

Posted: Jan 17, 2013

Need help for text formatting

Hi all
first of all DC is a great work!

I'm trying to format output of body and same other text field.
Installed CKEditor and set "text format" to "filtered html/full html" , but output text seems to not make any format change (weight, color, new line, new paragraph, etc) .

Why not?

I would appreciate anyone can help me to solve this issue
Thanks in advance

Posted: Sep 3, 2012
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