Replicating commerce kickstart product variation displays

I am coming across various problems replicating the ways product variations are displayed in the demo store with new, custom added product variations of my own.

I am using the Commerce Kickstart installation profile v. 7.x 2.0

I follow the instructions to add a new product variation. I then copy all of the options in the 'manage display settings' in both the 'content type' and 'variation type' of my new product. However my new customised product does not display in a similar way to the demo products (see image).

Along with these issues there are several more;
1) My new added product variation is not clickable (ie. none of the links are there)
2) I cannot change the order that the fields are displayed in using weighting in the 'manage display' settings for the variation type.

Are these known issues and are there any fixes available?

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Posted: Jan 25, 2013


ibarrajo on February 26, 2013

Go to

and see if the image field format in the "Product List" tab is set to:
"Image style: product_medium Linked to content"