Administration view of custom product display of custom product variants

I created a custom product variation type named "Variante preparate" with the machine name "preparate" unchecking "Create matching product display type"
I referenced it (link it) mannualy in the custom product display type named "Afisaj Preparate".

(to help you understand better the exact situation:
Afisaj (romanian language) = Display ;
variante(ro) = variants ;
Birou Administare(ro) = Administration Office)

I then created a view similar to "Commerce Backoffice: Products (Content)" named "Birou Administrare: Afisaj Preparate (Content)", that uses the relation set to "Content: preparate"

Same for "Commerce Backoffice: Product variations (Commerce Product)" , I replicated it as:
"Birou Administare: Variante Preparate (Commerce Product)" with just th master view.

This custom product displays view displays the "Afisaj Preparate" nodes allright, but when I clik on the quick edit button, the megarow view tries to display "product" variants instead of the other custom view I created for the "preparate" variants product type , thus showing "No variations have been created for this product".

How to set the megarow to display the "Variante preparate" product variants for the "Afisaj preparate" content type !?

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Posted: Feb 5, 2013


zet on February 5, 2013

Maybe it's something related to this function in commerce_backoffice_product.module file !?

 * Displays a view of products referenced from the given node, in a megarow.
function commerce_backoffice_product_variations_view($node) {
$title = t('Variations for product %title', array('%title' => $node->title));
$output = views_embed_view('commerce_backoffice_product_variations', 'default', $node->nid);

views_megarow_display($title, $output, $node->nid);