providing multiple products to buy in a single add to cart form

After days of trying, asking for support on this forum is my last option. I am building a website selling sim cards and the design should be as follows

1 page (add to cart form) on which you first will be able to select your sim card and than will be able to select the credit you want to load on to the sim card. The credit could be 100 min plus 400mb or 1000min plus 1gb data etc. with some additional information. It is designed as being vouchers with a little more explanation for each credit voucher.

So picture the design as first horizontal 3 sim card types and below several vouchers with credit and a radio select button. A customer will radio select the sim card and than radio select a voucher after which it will hit add to cart and both the sim and voucher should be added to their cart.

It seems that this is impossible, something I just can't believe. So hopefully somebody will proof me wrong...

Posted: Feb 18, 2013


Sem on February 20, 2013


The tip lead me to http://drupal.org/project/commerce_pado

Unfortunately, not all features like you have with a single product are yet available. Will follow this one for sure.

Nevertheless, although it is a useless discussion, it seems such a standard requirement -adding more products at once to a shopping cart-. It is like standing in front of a McDonalds register, order a burger, move to another register, order a milkshake, move to another register etc. I am sure there are plenty of use cases in which you do not want to leave a page and add several products to your cart.

Sem on February 24, 2013

Thanks but the difference is that in the pizza case the toppings aren't products. So helpful if you do not have to change prices and if your configuration does not change often. And of course you should not have the need to keep inventory for example.

Besides, it will make it difficult for non tech users. How do I explain how they can add an extra topping? How do I explain it is not a product but a term? Difficult....

Sem on March 4, 2013

Thanks realskorpion, I looked at the product bundle before and came to the following show stopping conclusions...

1. Is not being maintained, still in Alpha for a year.
2. You need to define a new product type that will refer to at least two other products. This is exactly what we do not need. I need something simple, one node with an add to cart in which you can add as much products as you would like to your add to cart with a single click.

Basically, it is almost the same functionality as there is now with reference fields in nodes which will give you a dropdown. Although I am not a programmer it seems that all the code is their it just needs to be presented differently. In stead of a drop down I would like to theme each product separately.