Pick Up In Store Module

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to create a module for picking up items in store.

The module will be a shipping service. The shipping service needs to have the admin ability to:

- Add fields (Date, time, Location of Pick up, etc...)
- Set a rate
- Anything else?

Customer Ability:

- Fill out form
- Select this instead of shipping flat rate, UPS, etc.

Rules (These are not a must but should be mentioned):

-These will be customizable; but it would make sense to send an email to the store that it is going to be picked up
- Compare date if certain items are not available.

Here is the reason I am posting, I have never made a module that did anything great ( Just being honest), but instead of making this module only work for my site, I would like to make this module available for everyone.

Would any one like to help or test it? Also, did i miss anything?


Posted: Mar 29, 2012


Sebastiaan on November 17, 2012

Hi Tim,

I wonder if you have created these module?

I would like to test it.