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Change product reference by image? maze Sep 14, 3pm 3 (neardark)
Change Shipping_message in front page edgano May 11, 6pm 4 (rionka)
Change the way product categories are being displayed? Sven May 22, 6am 1 (anodenymous)
Change to shopping cart after clicking the add to cart button holljac May 8, 9am 4 (xbrianx)
Change Variation Dropdown to radio buttons richm Jun 30, 4pm 7 (Jim Ryan)
Changing starting order number? Sean Jun 1, 2pm 6 (Ryan Szrama)
Changing the text in "edit-quantity" label for "Enter Quantity" Frankenstein123 Feb 7, 12pm 1 (droweski)
Charge payment when item ships stevenwill Apr 26, 5am 1 (CanOne (not verified))
Check Address Zip Code Against a List of Zip Codes tyreldenison Apr 26, 3pm 12 (avery)
Check box for a binary attribute groggy May 30, 6pm 1 (mknet)
check for "product-types" in rules in addition to "particular product" check SteffenR Dec 21, 4pm 5 (Randy Fay)
Check on Review pane, and payment pane for stock availabilty arbel Mar 23, 5pm 6 (Ryan Szrama)
Check products values on order completion yannisc Jun 5, 4pm 1 (yannisc)
Checking out without collecting address information mlncn Jan 27, 4pm 3 (Brian)
Checking past orders with Rules sketman Jan 8, 10pm 1 (rlgod)
Checkout and Update Cart Button replaced with Save Button efreedom Mar 27, 12pm 1 (delta195)
Checkout button frankenstein246 Feb 9, 2am 9 (jessicakoh)
Checkout form validation: alter the value of a commerce customer profile strae Jan 31, 4am 4 (Jimmy Henderickx)
Checkout Form: Pages and Panes Ryan Szrama Oct 10, 1pm 10 (tester1)
Checkout issue scott.carlton Jul 26, 11am 8 (DoraG)
Checkout pane titles Patroclas May 20, 12am 2 (Nick Kendall)
Checkout problem - shows admin checkout to anonymous ace11 Feb 22, 9am 1 (ace11)
Checkout process - checkbox to copy shipping address and billing address rockylhc Oct 10, 1pm 1 (Randy Fay)
Checkout Review in Checkout Complete herpes Jun 17, 6pm 1 (Dan Royer)
Checkout rule: send email to Email Field tevih Sep 24, 8am 6 (lmatthews)
Checkout Rules not Triggering Anshu_Mishra Apr 19, 4am 1 (Anshu_Mishra)
Checkout should have the option of: log in, create account, or guest MrPeanut Oct 10, 1pm 2 (Albert Albala)
Checkout: Shipping Rates --> Order Total Auto Update quvxqy May 30, 6am 3 (pari)
chek box for products wiht pricing mydrupal Jan 10, 7am 5 (aem34)
Choice of Checout Vendor cajinx Apr 6, 10pm 2 (cajinx)
Choose page at bottom of "All products" faulty Frankenstein123 Nov 22, 5am 2 (Frankenstein123)
ckeditor/wysiwyg not working with kickstart mcyclegar Oct 13, 6pm 9 (R Rook)
Clarifying product attributes and what it does / doesn't mean mikeaja Nov 14, 3pm 1 (mikeaja)
clearing cart when closing browser ikmps Jan 25, 4am 4 (ikmps)
Clone a Product Type ? Florent Aug 28, 10am 14 (pirex360)
Cloud Zoom hide thumbnail if only one image pooon Nov 14, 12pm 4 (Peter Marse)
Cloud Zoom update? KitchenSync Jan 12, 12pm 4 (KitchenSync)
COD Payment howto? inki Dec 20, 7am 7 (lapongua)
Commerce add to cart form fails when loaded via Ajax adam.harvie Nov 6, 11am 2 (adam.harvie)
Commerce and varnish AdamGerthel Apr 3, 7am 11 (wadmiraal)
Commerce as a wholesale setup Druplab May 29, 11pm 2 (Michelle Kady)
Commerce attributes and stocks Spider84 Mar 14, 11am 1 (medden)
Commerce Australia Post Madelyn Cruz Feb 10, 11pm 1 (Andy @ BlueFusion)
Commerce backoffice nawi Apr 25, 12pm 2 (nawi)
Commerce booking motolola Feb 11, 7am 2 (k91s71n4)
Commerce Bundle with Commerce Options Robert Neidel Sep 5, 10am 1 (Josh Miller)
Commerce Coupon alnoot Feb 4, 10am 2 (Randy Fay)
Commerce customer account interface liupascal Jun 10, 11am 1 (Julie Hall)
Commerce Customizable Products brendanp Feb 22, 3am 1 (brendanp)
Commerce email Francois P Mar 13, 3pm 2 (Francois P)


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