Commerce Bundle with Commerce Options


drupal commerce is a very nice tool. Actually I am looking for a way to use commerce bundle together with commerce options.

The modules:

Here some more information:
I had different products, for example daily newspaper and magazines. The newspaper is available in 10 different regions. Now we do not want to create 10 products. We want one product with an option set region. There are also two more options set for this product. It works fine at the single view of the product. This feature would be greatful inside product bundles. I want to choose the products and than customize them by the option sets. But the the option sets not shown at the bundle view. I had seen the tech talk about commerce bundle and configure everything fine. Of course i had add the option set to the display. I think the "problem" come from the attribute idea of commerce bundle.

Have you any solutions for this?

Posted: Sep 3, 2014


joshmiller Josh Miller on September 5, 2014

Create 10 products, each with a list field that differentiates them. If you have two types of "attributes" then we're talking 20 products (10 different magazines x 2 different subscription models?)

Absolutely the best way to move forward. If you want this to feel more like one experience instead of disconnected products being referenced by a node, you can use the module inline entity field as a field formatter for your product reference, which would let you edit the products from within the node.