chek box for products wiht pricing

I want to add several checkbox fields for each products that each checkbox have price that
if customers select each of these ,it price add to total price
for example
1.Comes with warranty
2.Comes with manual
3.Comes with poster
4.Comes with accessories

Please help me

Posted: Aug 4, 2012


aem34 on January 10, 2013


you can do this with 4 vocabularies of taxonomy and linking them in the product variation type :

- vocabulary warrany, terms : yes , no;
- vocabulary manual : yes , no;
- vocabulary manual : yes , no;
- vocabulary accessories: yes , no or other terms.

make in your product variation definition 4 fields with term reference,
and in the fields'options : radio button or select, then "Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms.".

allow those fields in the various display panels following your needs (full product display, add to cart, teaser, product list, ...)

and in each variation of your product you can make a price :
product, warranty:no, manual:no, poster:no, accessories:no : $5
product, warranty:yes, manual:no, poster:no, accessories:no : $10
product, warranty:no, manual:yes, poster:no, accessories:no : $7
and so on for each variation of your product.
i can add that compared to other ecommerce solutions,
i've never seen such an easy to manipulate interface for product variations/attributes.

please watch the screencast on this site about how to make a product display and the variations.