Checking out without collecting address information

I cannot find a way to configure Commerce to not collect street address and country information. If this is possible, please help; if it is not possible, it ought to be and suggestions for implementing this change welcome!

Reasons why address information should be optional:
* Not every form of payment (including free checkout) requires an address.
* Not everything that can be purchased (membership, services) requires a physical address.
* Some forms of payment that do require address information cannot take it from Drupal, principally PayPal standard, and so, from the purchaser's perspective, her address is painstakingly collected and rudely thrown away.

Hoping there is a more elegant way to remove address collection than a violent form_alter!





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Posted: Feb 1, 2012


rfay Randy Fay on February 1, 2012

Can't you just remove that pane from the checkout?

If not, try deleting the addressfield from the Customer Profile.