Check box for a binary attribute

I'm experiencing an issue concerning a product attribute display. I need a binary checkbox, meaning a kind of "Yes" if checked or "No" if not. When I add a new attribute to a product type, I choose a field "List (text)" and a "Checkbox/Radio button" widget. As attribute list I just put "Yes", and choose "show in the add to cart as an attribute" "Checkbox/Radio button".
At this point, I get a radio button for my attribute, meaning that when it is selected, I cannot deselect it. Any idea ?

Thanks for your help...

Posted: Oct 10, 2012


mknet on May 30, 2013

That is exactly the same issue I have to face, now. Did you find a solution?
My only idea would be to create Yes/No-Values. Since I am using Commerce Feeds as well I would use Feeds Tamper to covert 1/0 to Yes/No. However, a simple checkbox would be the best approach...