ckeditor/wysiwyg not working with kickstart

Hello ,

Installed ckeditor with ckeditor 4 and 3.6 but not showing up on any page.
Searched on web and tried all possible solutions with no luck.

Changed the settings under admin>ckeditor advanced profiles point to Commerce Order message.

Still did not work, from the reports everything looks green.

Please help , i think its a good idea to include ckeditor with the kickstart.

Also tried wysiwyg same issue
Thanks in advance

Posted: Dec 15, 2012


kingfisher64 on January 31, 2013

Install and setup wysiwyg as normal. In menu navigate to content > content types > choose content type (eg basic page) > manage fields > click edit on body field > under text processing change from plain text to filtered text > save settings.

The wysiwyg will now show up.

stufosis on February 9, 2013

You're my hero. This little bit of advice made my night. I've been scouring the net for this simple fix for over 3 hours now.

pinkspider on April 17, 2013

I signed up here just so I could say thank you - I've spent the whole morning trying to work this one out! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :)

ThianBrodie on May 11, 2013

Thanks for the advice above, when I change the setting from Commerce Order Message to Filtered HTML and save the settings they revert back to "Text Format" being Commerce Order Message.
Is there a permission I need to change somewhere?

brizzo on February 26, 2014

This is a fix to 2 potential problems you may have with CKeditor

First I followed this video to install the wysiwyg module and ckeditor - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqTvm2vc-qk

But CKEditor wasn't recognised, this is because it needed a tiny fix - check out this fix to get ckeditor recognised - http://www.webopius.com/content/717/how-to-get-ckeditor-4-x-working-with...

YEAH!! CKeditor is recognised but it still isn't visible on my pages (I feel your pain, so does my hair loss).

Make sure all your permissions are allocated correctly also in the content types for each body field you need to change the text formats from plain text to filtered text as kingfisher64 says on this thread.

(But it still isn't f*****n working!) One more fix!
Go into each user and resave their account (e.g. go to user account hit edit, don't change anything then hit save)

Then empty your cache and test CKeditor (finger crossed it works) Good Luck

R Rook on October 13, 2014

After installation of wysiwyg and the editor (in my case TinyMCE) I was not able to configure the editor for text formats. There was no URL/Alias or menu entry available. I expected something like admin/config/content/wysiwyg. After I cleared the cache the WYSIWYG Profile menu option was available in Administration/Site settings/Advanced settings. And also as the page loaded from configure of the WYSIWYG module. After I enabled some buttons for TinyMCE the editor appeared for the chosen text format.