Commerce as a wholesale setup

I want to try this module for a customer that wants a wholesale store. Before i go about and mess around with this module, I need to know if the following is possible:

Can i show the products to all users, but hide the "add to cart button" and the cart to anomonys users, so that only registreted users will be able to order?

Does the system allow placing orders without any payment setup? We only want customers to place the order.

Our products comes in different colors and have an attachment that comes in four variations. What is the best setup for this if fx. A customers order 5 of the same product with the same color but with different attachment variations?

I really hope you can help me with these questions..

Posted: Sep 17, 2011


Michelle Kady on May 29, 2014

#1, Not sure about hiding the Add to Cart button for all customers, sorry.
#2, Yes, Drupal Commerce has the ability to just accept the order without a payment gateway.
#3, With my limited Drupal knowledge, I'm pretty sure that you'd just have to add 2 attribute from taxonomy in order to get your options of multiple colors and alternative colors for the product attachments.