Cloud Zoom update?

Can anyone shed any light on how to get the the very latest cloud zoom plugin to play?

Already weeks over running on a project and I come to look at cloud zoom built in to Kickstart 2 on a mobile and I nearly faint! Not touch enabled, not responsive.

The latest version 3.1 at http://www.starplugins.com/cloudzoom is wonderful - version 1 is more or less redundant now.

Do I have any alternatives that are going to be easy to deploy?

Thanks for any input

Posted: Jan 7, 2015


KitchenSync on January 12, 2015

I didn't even know about that. It's a requirement from the client so that's really useful smurf.

Did you leave in the hard-wired requirement for cloud zoom (in kickstart) or rewire it to require magic zoom?

This has been one of those jobs where every single step has become like pulling teeth - leaving me wondering whether I'm either increasingly cognitively impaired or Drupal is just an overly complex, cumbersome lump that always get the better of me. Probably both.

Thanks - I'll go try it out.

smurf on January 12, 2015

Drupal is more complex than other CMS' but it's more secure and stable, perfect for a business activity like an e-commerce! I abandoned the standard clod zoom and used magic zoom, you just need to change the widget for the product images.

And you have a dedicated menu where to setup everything you need!

KitchenSync on January 12, 2015

Heh - well, as I've used Drupal for nearly five years I guess it must be something about how I approach projects that makes things complicated! I should probably read a book about best practice although it might be a little late to teach an old dog ANY tricks.

Thanks for the headsup