Choice of Checout Vendor

HELP!! I hope someone has some insight. I am new to Drupal Commerce, so I am completely stumped by how to give clients a choice of checkout venues on my site. I want to allow the user to select either PayPal or 2Checkout to complete their transaction. Right now the current button sends folks to 2checkout... but I need to add the other options. I would love to have a PayPay button... but I cant figure out how to get it to happen. Seems I can only have one button... but there should be a way to have two right? I have the 2checkout and PayPal mods installed and set up in Drupal.... but how do I add the additional PayPal button?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! And please remember I am pretty new with this Commerce thing, so simple blonde proof advice and instructions is greatly appreciated!! ^^

Posted: Apr 5, 2012


hamu on April 5, 2012

You have to enable the Payment Module, then enable the Payment in the shop:
And check your checkout for the pane where you choose your payment:


cajinx on April 6, 2012

Thank you for the advice. I still cant get a PayPal button to show. I am running Drupal 7, so I went to my store/config/payment-methods and enabled the two forms of checkouts I want to use (2checkout and PayPal), then went to config/checkout but I cant see anything preventing the PayPal button, but when I go to the product page and check my cart, I only get the original 2checkout button.

Drat! I just cant figure out how to get the PayPal to work. Is there a way to hard code in the button somewhere? I just need to make sure it correctly picks up the cart contents... Ugg. I didnt set up the original commerce cart- so I am trying to reverse engineer if there is something that needs to be changed in order to give me PayPal functionality.

If anyone has any ideas, I am open.