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Powered by Drupal tpdlondon May 3, 11pm 1 (philltran)
Accounts created with "Create new accout for anonymous order" Checkout rule have blank password Barrett May 4, 5am 3 (peach)
Merge Product and Checkout page ramy.asha May 5, 7am 2 (Brian)
Best way to handle gift wrapping? AdamGerthel May 7, 5am 2 (S1L)
Import script makgab May 8, 1am 4 (makgab)
Import script & taxonomy terms to product (product_display) makgab May 8, 2pm 1 (makgab)
Multiple categories for one product dspock May 8, 7pm 1 (dspock)
Setting free shipping to product type RequiemUK May 10, 11am 1 (zealny)
Specify weight of packaging materials Dan Reinders May 10, 12pm 4 (Midsbie)
Is there an equivalent of File Downloads module? jayajha May 10, 9pm 20 (Josh Miller)
Product visibility settings and node referencing dlit May 12, 3am 3 (dlit)
Default product display Netek May 14, 10pm 6 (neubreed)
Import script & product_display create makgab May 15, 6am 2 (guaka)
Flag items in basket stevetook May 16, 4am 4 (stevetook)
Default shipping selection hamu May 16, 6am 2 (Augustin Delaporte)
Product Field Access for Conditions/Rules laclu007 May 16, 8am 2 (Josh Miller)
shipping discount marionsmarket May 16, 9am 2 (Josh Miller)
Problem with VAT tax Najtsirk May 16, 11am 3 (S1L)
add a taxonomy field to the line item prod and fill with a product field values wisamx May 17, 2pm 3 (wisamx)
Add to cart leads straight to the cart form nawi May 18, 5am 1 (nawi)
User's store samperez May 18, 8am 1 (mwisner)
Multi language Nisus May 19, 7pm 5 (totsubo)
Add charge based on payment method yannisc May 21, 3am 4 (cola)
Create a node product that the purchaser can edit. BassPlaya May 21, 5am 4 (BassPlaya)
Change line item in sumary cart andrewappleseed May 21, 10am 1 (syrgak)
Product issue GFAGolf May 22, 9am 2 (Josh Miller)
view price alter, pre render, wissem May 22, 12pm 1 (wissem)
product price comparison emna1989 May 22, 1pm 1 (Josh Miller)
is it possible to have the customer choose which digital file they get? Tim Jones May 23, 12am 1 (Tim Jones)
is it possible to setup user acces for specific time periods and auto renew access monthly? Tim Jones May 23, 12am 1 (Tim Jones)
"Multi-user" product submission beginnersluck May 24, 8am 1 (Josh Miller)
wishes for each line item of the order frixos May 25, 5am 7 (syrgak)
Get order items (in script) makgab May 27, 2pm 4 (makgab)
Product Taxonomy ported to Product Display vanderland May 27, 7pm 1 (Brian)
Customer profile store makgab May 29, 5pm 1 (makgab)
add additional order status? photoboy May 31, 3am 2 (spacereactor)
Changing starting order number? Sean Jun 1, 2pm 6 (Ryan Szrama)
Discount does not count the entire cart quantity pkchoo Jun 1, 2pm 3 (Ryan Szrama)
Mass editing and updating of product attributes. MarkLT1 Jun 2, 11pm 3 (StPaulTim)
Pager on product display node marinoszak Jun 3, 11am 1 (kervi)
Automatic add to cart Preston McMurry Jun 4, 3pm 1 (Preston McMurry)
Customer can add a (customized) product to his cart. How can he retur from the cart to the customized product, to edit it? paddes Jun 6, 1am 1 (paddes)
Payment for certain items. Stillnikaien Jun 6, 10am 1 (ron_ron)
Commerce Reports davident Jun 6, 2pm 4 (ahimsauzi)
Can product prices be changed from USD to CAD HamiltonBoucherMedia Jun 6, 10pm 3 (klezer)
How to remove billing information from checkout page? scottml Jun 6, 11pm 4 (dannymacom)
Different size options for one sku nobodypanic Jun 7, 8am 2 (gnvinod)
how to have user choose between multiple commerce files?? Tim Jones Jun 12, 3am 1 (Tim Jones)
Guest login dspock Jun 12, 8am 1 (dspock)
Name of pane created from hook_commerce_customer_profile_type_info? switch Jun 14, 7am 2 (switch)


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