Product issue

I have some problems with images in the catalog and the product page. Let's say I should put up a Jersey in the store that comes in 2 different colors (red & blue) and two different sizes (Large & Small), each product gets a picture. Now we have 4 different products, each with a picture. Let's get these to appear on the page so we create a new content "Products". I will call this "Product display" to a generic name for all 4 products that I created before (let's say "Jersey") I set no price as it is different in price between the different products. I choose the 4 products I created earlier, so they are connected with this "Product Display" and click save. If I now go and look in the catalog, that show all four products appeared on the page separately, why?. Every product goes under the name I entered (Jersey) and there are no pictures, why? But the price are taken from each product, so the price is correct.

1) How do I get the pictures of each product, appear in the product catalog and on the product page?
2) Is it true that all products are added up separately, but with the product display name (Jersey)?
3) Can I get just the "Product Display" appears in the directory and not all products that I created?

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Posted: Apr 14, 2012