Multi language


Is it possible to develop a eCommerce website with Drupal commerce in multilingual ?
does it support for multilingual or do we have to do anything else on this?


Posted: Aug 18, 2011


Brian on November 30, 2011

Currently I'm building a shop that has two completely separated catalogs for each language. That means each product display is assigned to one language, and whatever language is chosen by the user, those products are displayed.

But I'm curious if it is possible to pack all that into a translatable commerce product. Not only the product display but also the actual product that is referenced (since there is also text to describe the variant). What I have found closest to that is the Entity Translation module but I'm not sure since there is nothing mentioned regarding DC.

Beyond that, if products were translatable, the next question would be how to import them in two languaged (field mapping).

Was this discussed somewhere already?