Product visibility settings and node referencing

hi guys,

i have experienced drupal 6 development and would like to go with D7 + Commerce for a new project.
i did a fair amount of googling, reading docs and watching vimeo's channel videos by commerceguys but would still like to consult about a few questions..

i will have a node type X which has some common fields, everyone can see it but only members of a given role can create it. one of the fields node of type X will have is a 'credits' (integer) field.
the requirement is that only users of specific role (those who are able to create that node type) will be able to buy a product which add credits to whatever nodes they previously created (of type X ofcourse).

there are 2 things im not sure of:
1. how to make the product/product 'buy' button, add to cart, etc only visible and accessible to users of specific role.
2. how does the product these users buy reference a specific node to add those credits to it?

thanks in advance

Posted: May 2, 2012


dlit on May 12, 2012

I am planning on using commerce with organic groups (drupal 7) and I am pretty sure that content_access module is incompatible with OG.

do you happen to know if it really is possible to integrate the two?
because OG7 allows you to override permissions inside the group context but the problem is that there is no basic 'view' permission to control over..

I would love to get an advise on this