view price alter, pre render,

I work on a project on drupal
I want to create a normal view on drupal in which I have to display a list with predefined products and their prices
This list is built from a price list on openerp
i have used the hook view_alter, and view_pre_render,but it did not work
thank you for your help

Posted: May 15, 2012


wissem on May 15, 2012

in fact I have a little trouble to change prices in order drupal
I created a view that displays all the products and prices,
I have to go pick up my prices on a price list on openerp, and I want to show the new prices rather, those not in the database drupal.
I actually develop a module that uses a hook_view (I know not what hook: view_alter or view_pre-render), and normally it should trigger hook my module to calculate the new price and display drupal ds view without changing the price default in the base drupal.

thank you for writing here is if you have any idea about this problem, I rest your disposal for further information

thank you