Mass editing and updating of product attributes.

I've got a situation that has me scratching my head. I have a site- and for the sake of easy description, lets say it is a custom T-Shirt site. When you go to buy a T-Shirt, you can select a size- XS, S, M, L. I created all of the products and display nodes using the bulk product creation tool. Thus, I have an individual product for each shirt, and in each size, all with their own SKU. E.g.- Yellow-Shirt display node allows selection of the following SKUS:

YellowShirt--XS, YellowShirt--S, YellowShirt--M, YellowShirt--L

Also, keep in mind, that there are 700 different shirts that can be ordered off the site (so there are 2800 unique products).

Now, we have found through our user research, that no one EVER orders XS shirts, and that we really need to add XL, XXL, and XXXL.

How do we do an update like this, en-mass on all 700 different shirts? I think I have figured out how to use VBO to disable the XS size, but the creation of the 3 new sizes- that is not so clear to me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: May 18, 2012


Brian on May 27, 2012

Sorry that I can't come up with someting better than this: I have changed to managing all products externally in FileMaker since the product management in DC is still underdeveloped. There I can mass generate, change or auto-calculate whatever I need (e.g. create the page url from the taxonomx terms). Then I push them into Feeds and the shop is updated. Works great but obviously requires FileMaker knowledge.