add a taxonomy field to the line item prod and fill with a product field values

i don't want to create a product for each t-shirt color and each t-shirt size..
i want to add only one product and let the user choose the color and size on the "add to cart" form..

the method to do that:

i go to product type and add a new field called "Available Colors"
its a taxonomy reference to 'color' vocabulary..

i go to line item 'product' and added a field:
- i want this field to show the list of colors selected on product field..

look at the pictures to see the whole image...

Posted: May 9, 2012


joshmiller Josh Miller on May 17, 2012

Sounds like you want to create multiple products quickly and easily. With Drupal Commerce we have decoupled real products with their grouping display. This does cause a bit of anxiety on the part of the site builder and whoever you have bring content into your new store. There are two options out there, it's up to you to decide which is the best use case for you.

Option 1: Inline Product Creation.

Option 2: Bulk Product Creation.


wisamx on May 17, 2012

thank joshmiller for your response..
i admire the commerce architecture..
but for small stores it seem to be a little bit confusing when it come to creation of products..
i didn't try the Bulk Product Creation module yet..
but i think few think have to be added to the core of commerce:
1- on the product creation form we need and button called "copy this product", which allow me to copy this product to a new one then modify it.
2- there's should be some type of product attributes values sharing.. so 3 t-shirts have a 4 sizes may share the value of the images field or description etc..
3- i hate the fact the i have to put term reference field on the node entity instead of products entity.. but finally i put them on product entity and used views to show category pages (using relationship)..

I'll try Bulk Product Creation module and see if it will fit my needs..

thank you..