Merge Product and Checkout page

Hello All,

I'm currently running Drupal 7.12 with latest version of Ubercart and I've not found a way yet to accomplish my goals. So I'm looking for an alternative solution which is why I'm posting here. Before I download and install I wanted to ask a few questions. I'll preface this first with that I'm not a developer. So please go easy on me with the fancy coding terminology. I've looked across the web and I most probably am using the wrong key words or something but this seems to be an impossible issue for me to solve on my own. I'm trying to accomplish the following in Ubercart:


This is a one page, select your product, confirm your payment method, and click submit. The wizard effect is very nice yet is not suitable to what I'm trying to accomplish. My next question is there is a 45 day and a 90 day recurring payment that's needed yet the only way I see to do that is through some sort of payment service and not from a configuration of Ubercart itself.

I'd appreciate any and all help on this, thanks everyone,

With gratitude,


Posted: Apr 10, 2012