Different Checkout for Different Product types

I sell files using Commerce File and would like to additionally sell physical products. Files are my main focus, so I do not want users who only want to purchase a file to be forced to enter a bunch of shipping data. Is there a convenient way to have products which require shipping to have a checkout page that allows them to input this data while not forcing digital purchasers to enter this information?

I'm new to Drupal and Commerce so this may be simple and I'm just overlooking it.


Posted: Feb 3, 2013

Creating custom order: can't reach checkout


I'm developing a site with kickstart 2.0 which entails a custom form to generate an order with some additional metadata attached (the purpose is for activity bookings, though the site will be selling goods too). I've added the extra fields to my orders in Admin > Store Settings > Manage fields, designed the form and given it a submit handler that calls my function that creates the order. I'm basing the function on Ryan's blog article on the subject, here it is:

Posted: Jan 20, 2013

Multi-Page Form Checkout Pane

Anyone got any suggestions on including a multi-page form in the middle of the checkout process? Obviously we can create a new page and pane to house this form. And a form can be displayed in its entirety on this one page. However, for forms that are extremely long (500 items in this case, full of conditionals), it would be great to figure out an approach of splitting these off without ruining the checkout process.

Posted: Sep 27, 2012

Adding extra submit handler for checkout pane

Hi all,

I have a checkout pane for customer billing information and I'm trying to add an additional validate + submit handler for it to allow me to verify the address via a 3rd party service. At the moment, I can do something like:

$checkout_panes['customer_profile_billing']['callbacks']['checkout_form_submit'] = 'mymodule_customer_profile_billing_form_submit';

This triggers the function defined, but seems to replace the original submit handler which means I lose my data when I hit the payment page.

Posted: Sep 24, 2012

registration at checkout... is possible to make seamless?

Can Loggintobbogan be used wtih Drupal commerce?

I would like to keep a login box at the top of screen all the time as above on this site.

Customers don't like leaving sites where they cannot logout, especially after they have shared financial information.

Customers don't know all that has gone on with the payment processor and look to the online store they are in for security *in many instances.

1. I don't care if anonymous users see a horz login registration at the top of the page.

Posted: Jul 7, 2012

Disabling a checkout page

There is no "enabled" property for hook_commerce_checkout_page_info(). This property is available in hook_commerce_checkout_pane_info() but not page.

I'm trying to work on my first module for Commerce (actually, my first module period) which will require commerce_shipping. I intend it to be a simple Pickup or Delivery radio button pane on the checkout page that when enabled will default to Pickup. I want it to disable the shipping address pane and the shipping page.

Does this need to be entered as a feature request?


Posted: Jun 3, 2012


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