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I have searched for documentation on how to change the user login redirection from "user info", and have not found a solution for Commerce KickStart 2.

Has anyone successfully change the page redirect after "user Login"? Any Links to documentation or how to, would be appreciated.

I have check under "Rules" (from site configuration) along with "Components" (Tab under Rules settings). There is documentation for Commerce Kickstart 1, but there seems to be a different construct for CK2.

Posted: Nov 11, 2014

"Administer your store" page when goes to /admin

I'm stuck with strange behavious. When I enter /admin in page URL I'm redirected to some page (I think there is no 403 error page) with content:
Store [admin/commerce]
Administer your store.

When I disable menu Store in Managemenet menu (in admin panel) I get other message about not having items to administrate to.

I have R4032login module installed, but after uninstall nothing changed.
There is also no "admin" alias in admin URL management.

Does Drupal Commerce create any admin page?

Posted: Aug 6, 2012

registration at checkout... is possible to make seamless?

Can Loggintobbogan be used wtih Drupal commerce?

I would like to keep a login box at the top of screen all the time as above on this site.

Customers don't like leaving sites where they cannot logout, especially after they have shared financial information.

Customers don't know all that has gone on with the payment processor and look to the online store they are in for security *in many instances.

1. I don't care if anonymous users see a horz login registration at the top of the page.

Posted: Jul 7, 2012
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