Login Redirection

I have searched for documentation on how to change the user login redirection from "user info", and have not found a solution for Commerce KickStart 2.

Has anyone successfully change the page redirect after "user Login"? Any Links to documentation or how to, would be appreciated.

I have check under "Rules" (from site configuration) along with "Components" (Tab under Rules settings). There is documentation for Commerce Kickstart 1, but there seems to be a different construct for CK2.

I don't want to install a module like "Login Tobbogan" just to have access to the user login features and alter the redirect from there. I would rather change this the proper way so that the site works smoothly.

Posted: Nov 11, 2014


howdytom on November 12, 2014

The easies way would be to use Drupals Core modules Trigger and Action.

There's an old Drupal 6 tutorial how rules module can be used, to configure a simple page redirection after a user has logged in. I guess you can adopt those steps to Drupa 7 as well.

Ravi Devnani on November 12, 2014

Initially I turned on Triggers Module and workflow actions together, this crashed the database. Enabling them separate and checking for updates worked fine. Now I am able to control the user login redirection. Thank you for the advice...