"Administer your store" page when goes to /admin

I'm stuck with strange behavious. When I enter /admin in page URL I'm redirected to some page (I think there is no 403 error page) with content:
Store [admin/commerce]
Administer your store.

When I disable menu Store in Managemenet menu (in admin panel) I get other message about not having items to administrate to.

I have R4032login module installed, but after uninstall nothing changed.
There is also no "admin" alias in admin URL management.

Does Drupal Commerce create any admin page?

Posted: Aug 6, 2012


f.gorczynski on August 9, 2012

I have also "Admin" module enabled instead of default "Toolbar". When I disable Admin, enable Toolbar. Save. And back: disable Toolbar and enable Admin everything is back to normal. Previously I cleared cache, rebuild permissions without results.