registration at checkout... is possible to make seamless?

Can Loggintobbogan be used wtih Drupal commerce?

I would like to keep a login box at the top of screen all the time as above on this site.

Customers don't like leaving sites where they cannot logout, especially after they have shared financial information.

Customers don't know all that has gone on with the payment processor and look to the online store they are in for security *in many instances.

1. I don't care if anonymous users see a horz login registration at the top of the page.

2. I don't want to run of anonymous shoppers so I want them to be in the checkout process for registration.

3. Registration needs to be as seamless as possible in the checkout process.
I don't want the user to have to verify registration information at least not until the checkout is complete.

4. Yet, I don't want anyone registering without verification on the site.

I know this has probably been done I just haven't found the correct modules for doing it.

The registration and checkout procedure I'm sure interconnected in a similar fashion.

Posted: Jul 7, 2012